Wednesday, March 1, 2017

House Bill 610

Further reading into this bill proposal is the word "eligible".
Congress and the federal government want to be able to define who is and isn't "eligible". It seems the wording is vague. It says

"To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary
education in the form of vouchers for eligible students
and to repeal a certain rule relating to nutrition stand-
ards in schools. "

Because it doesn't say "all" eligible children regardless of race and gender, then it gives wiggle room to Congress and the Federal Government to manipulate. And because it doesn't say "all children", it gives wiggle room to Congress and the Federal Government to deny children they deem not "eligible" for some forms of education.
So, girls could be denied taking wood shop, metal shop, wrestling, etc because of their "eligibility"'. The child who is unable to stand, run etc. without aid, could be denied because they aren't eligible. The child who can't see may be denied because they aren't eligible. You get the picture.
Well, this is called legalized discrimination under this bill. Now I'm pissed, writing a letter to my representative and calling.

All actions by the president thus far…/presidential-actions

School education reform bill…/115th-congre…/house-bill/610/text…/bills/hr610/BILLS-115hr610ih.pdf

House Bill 610 has been introduced.
This bill will effectively start the school voucher system to be used by children ages 5-17, and starts the defunding process of public schools. Please understand this will NOT benefit those they say it will.
In addition the bill will eliminate the Elementary and Education Act of 1965, which is the nation's educational law and provides equal opportunity in education.
ESSA is a comprehensive program that covers programs for struggling learners, AP classes, ESL classes, classes for minorities such as Native Americans, Rural Education, Education for the Homeless, School Safety (Gun-Free schools), Monitoring and Compliance and Federal Accountability Programs.
The Bill also abolishes the Nutritional Act of 2012 (No Hungry Kids Act) which provides nutritional standards in school breakfast and lunch. For our most vulnerable, this may be the ONLY nutritious food they have in a day.
The bill has no wording whatsoever protecting special needs kids, no mention of IDEA and FAPE.
Some things ESSA does for Children with Disabilities
-Ensures access to the general education curriculum.
-Ensures access to accommodations on assessments.
-Ensures concepts of Universal Design for Learning
-Includes provisions that require local education agencies to provide evidence-based
interventions in schools with consistently underperforming subgroups.
-Requires states in Title I plans to address how they will improve conditions for learning including reducing incidents of bullying and harassment in schools, overuse of discipline practices and reduce the use of aversive behavioral interventions (such as restraints and seclusion).
Please call your representative and ask him/her to vote NO on House Bill 610 (HR 610) introduced by three Republican reps.

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