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Reviews by Hazelbear

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Collogen Beauty Mask by Beauty labs

 Wow, what a mess I got myself into. A fun day in the sun, water, and family memories. I diligently slathered my family with sun protection, making sure ear lobes and noses had ample protection. But wouldn't you know it that "Would of, could of, and should of but didn't' got the best of me.  Yep, I forgot about me. Thus, when I the beauty lab Collagen Mask arrived that day in the mail, I was scared to try it for fear of aggravating my sunburned face. The next day my face calmed enough for me to venture into unknown territory.

Reading the packaging, I get the notion it is not an American product. The instructions are not clear as to how to  apply it, no warning about not getting product in eyes or what to do in case of such as mishap. And this is no ingredient panel. It does say to not store it "perpendicular" and can be frozen but must be thawed under "natural" before use at room temperature. It does say it can be used 3 to 4 times a week and does have an expiration date of March 2020.  Hmmm, an adventure awaits me.

I opened the package, and out pored a water goo, which I assume is water and collagen.    The product itself was squishy to the touch and fragile. It had a small tear in the chin region from catching it as it slide off the tray (slippery little bugger). The smell though, is heavenly. I love lemons, and once smelling the fragrance, I had an incredible thirst for lemonade.

I tried putting it on while sitting up, which was effective, but the mask stretched at the mouth part causing the mouth opening to slip below my lips. Thus, I tried laying down. Much success was gained when laying down, and more success when I stopped talking. The feeling was wonderful, not gooey, not stinging on my sunburn and and it calmed and cooled my sunburn down immensely. And the smell, did I mention I love lemons.  But drinking lemonade while on my back is next to impossible, so I did the next best thing and relaxed. yes, being forced to relax for 10 to 30 minutes is hard, but I took one 'for the team" and did just that and relaxed.

After my "relaxation and me time", I gathered the product up and placed it back on the tray. For the future, it is in my fridge for a cool down "me time". The product boast to be anti aging, and this I can not tell after just one treatment. What I can tell is that the cooling sensation and relaxation in itself is an anti aging spa treatment. Would I use this again, absolutely! Will I have a lemonade at the ready when next used, of course, did I mention I love lemons.

This product comes in white (milk), gold (lemon), black (charcoal), green (aloe), diamond (crystal), purple (lavender) blue (algae) and red (wine).  it sells for $14. 94 on Amazon. I was given this product free to try for my honest opinion and all opinions stated are my.

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Victor the Elephant caddy

What can I say, Victor the elephant caddy is a winner.
The caddy has patented suction cups that firmly adhere to a flat wall
spacious 15 by 16 inch bag that expands for more toys
flow through fabric that allows water to easily drain
keeps toys off the tub floor preventing accidents
no wet toys thus no mildew
adorable face
encourages kids to pick up their toys and put them away
Money back guarantee
Can be used where ever there is a flat service ex. Refrigerator, car window, furniture with a flat surface

To adhere to walls and flat surface, clean all surface being sure to remove soap scum, finger prints, paper stickers and all others particulars that could prevent a secure suction to a surface.  Once cleaned, then rinse and let dry. Once dry, that the patented suction cups and place on surface in desire spot. Screw the patented suction down for a tight fit. Place the bag onto the patented suction cup hook, then fill it up with toys.

To remove the suction cups is easy. Just unscrew the patented suction cups and they easily come off with no damage to the surface. The caddy can be place and removed to travel with the child. Easily transportable from tub, then car window for on the go traveling.  Then easily affixed to grandmas tub wall for  time away from home. Staying in a hotel while traveling. What better way to than keeping a child’s toys all in one spot.

To purchase through Amazon
Victor the Elephant Caddy


I was provided with a free product for review. All opinions are mine.

Youtube video of Victor the Elephant


“I glide the knife across her face, making her breathing and heartbeat accelerate. I inhale deeply. The smell of her fear is addictive, mesmerizing. Chills run up my spine, sending my whole body into a shiver.” These are the first words written in the story. Wow, what a way to stage the book, No nonsense, bring on the terror. It further goes on detailing every move by the “Doctor”, his feelings, emotions, step by step of bringing on the ultimate fear. The “Doctor” has practiced these moves before, almost perfecting his “habit”. Detective Gwen and her partner have been hot on his trail for months, just six minutes behind the “Doctor’s” latest savage act of depravity. Gwen, seeing his shadow outside the apartment window, reminds her he is still out of reach. Gwen races outside to the alley where the “Doctor” would descend, only to have him escape, leaving her breathless. On further examination, Gwen’s breathlessness could be for other nefarious reasons. She is a woman after all, single, young and in her prime. Her partner, Sullivan is young, single, energetic and in his prime. Also, he is a male. When in close proximity to her partner, she has feelings “sensation” as she calls them. In the story, Gwen has a need to walk off her “sensations” in order to keep on track. We never do understand why the “Doctor” does what he does, but we do know he does it well. The book is edgy, titillating, well written with clarification.


 Killer by Olivia Howe


 A Piece of Sky Author Ann Hunter I love reading. Reading is my go to “Happy Place” when I choose to escape, in essence, my “me time”. When Tomoson asked me to review a “A Piece Of Sky” by author Ann Hunter, I couldn’t wait to see what this new author had to offer for my entertainment. Ann Hunter genre is Young Adult Fiction, and with “A Piece of Sky”, has ventured into a new genre of a remix of Children’s Stories. The book is easy enough to follow and takes you on a journey of a chicken named Ros, Nurgal and an acorn mistaken as a piece of sky. Ros is a scared little chicken who tries to do the right thing by bringing back the “piece of sky”. Nurgal is “Lord of Decay” and believes the “piece of sky” will doom mankind. We never see Nurgal, as Nurgal is nothing but an metaphor for Earth. What we do hear though, is Nurgal’s thoughts as Nurgal tries to stop Ros from reaching her destination. From what I can understand, Ros is trying to reach the highest point she can see so she can return the “piece of sky” because it is the right thing to do. Nurgal does not want her to return the “piece of sky” because he wants it to return to the earth to “decay“, where he believes it belongs. The story is easy enough to follow, but slow and hard to keep my attention. In my opinion, this book would be best suited for a book club where each chapter could be reviewed, broke down and reflected on. The book is very well detailed, thoroughly explaining the surroundings, giving emotions to the characters. I was given a copy of “A Piece of Sky” to review and all opinions are my own.

Piece of Sky



I do a lot of sewing and paper crafts. ArtistrOve invited me to try and review their 45 mm Rotary Cutter blades, and Air Erasable Marking Pen and I gladly accepted. ArtistrOve provided the blades for me to try and all opinions are my own. ArtistrOve is a little known company, and I wanted to do research on them. If I’m going to cut my projects using their blades, I wanted to know if they would stand behind their product. They have a 30 day guarantee, no questions asked. All there products are offered through Their rating is 100 percent positive, good to know. The blades came quickly in a basic bubble envelope. The blades themselves are in a case of 10 with a quick clasp lip. Are made of SkS-7 Tungsten Alloy Tool Steel. I’m not sure what this means, but I do know Tungsten is a very hard metal. The thickness of the blade is .03, then narrowing down to the tip. The diameter of each blade is 45 mm is an universal blade that fits most 45mm rotary handles. I keeping with “old school”, the blades have numbers 1 through 12 encircling the perimeter. The numbers are a left over nostalgic reminder of when there weren’t blade sharpeners for rotary cutters. In the “olden days”, in lieu of a rotary sharpener, the blade would be removed and rotated to the next number. The flaw in this is that there would be one dull spot on the blade, then 2 dull spots, and so forth. With the long lasting SKS-7 Tungsten Alloy Steel, the blade should last longer than the aluminum blades on the shelf. I used the blade on 6 layers of extra heavy stabilizer, then on quilt batting and also on fabric. When I cut the quilt batting, I had to stop to see if it was cutting through the hi loft of the batting. It was indeed cutting through, but so thoroughly that the batting jumped back up before I realized it had even cut. Included with the blades is an air erasable marking pen that fades in time. I used my on fabric, and 24 hours later, it is fading. The pen itself is small with a removable cap that lays in a cradle at the top of the pen when being used.

45mm Rotary Blades


 Beyond Comfort Pro Arch Support foot pain is something all of us experience in our lives. Whether we have flat, normal or high arches. Proper foot apparel is something that is necessary for our feet to be pain free. With proper foot support comes proper alignment of our ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck. Thus, our well being begins with the feet. I personally have high arches, and I choose to wear arch supports. When "Beyond Comfort" contacted me totry their arch supports insoles, I readily agreed. They sent me a pair of their "Beyond Comfort Pro" high arch supports. The box arrived, and inside were a pair of arch supports and a pair of gel insoles. Neither bag was marked as to what they were. and no instructions as well were included. On observation , both bottoms of the supports were marked with a L, as opposed to an "L" and a "R" to denote left and right. Looking at the bottom, it is clear as to which one is left and which one is right because of the inside foot arch support is curved for the correct foot. The first bag had the supports inside.


 Another bag, by the picture on the box, were the gel insoles.

 The box didn't contain instructions, but the back of the box said they fit men's 8 to 12 and women's 10 to 14. The arch insoles I received had numbers 8 to 12 on them. Thus, using this as my guide, I cut along the curved 8 line. They were easy to cut through. Again, no instructions were included, but from past experience, I would remove the previous insert, then replace with the new. The arch supports were easy to place in the shoes, but the gel inserts were sticking to the inside of the shoes, and were stubborn to place inside. I wore the arch supports for 2 days to work and every day activities. Standing on a cement floor for work in almost the same position, proved to be a challenge. There are bumps on the under side of the supports and on top of the supports with a cloth over lay. The bumps on the top side of the supports I felt. I felt the bumps to be to hard and pushing to hard on the inside foot area. What I did like about the product is that it did align my heels to hip better than a "off the shelf" Also, I did notice was that the impact of hard rocks, pebbles and broken pieces was considerably lessened. The gel inserts, were just that, an insert. After wearing the gel inserts for a day, I had to call it quits. I would no recommend wearing the gel inserts outside as they didn't cushion against hard objects. Overall, for an arch support for temporary purposes, or on softer flooring, I would recommend.

Sole Inserts by Simple Brands


I was able to try the Pets Mum flea and tick removal tools. I was given the product at no cost to me for my honest opinion. The product is a winner in my opinion as it did remove a flea and flea casings from our cat. Our cat did not object and sat through the combing as if we were petting her. The tines of the comb were fine enough that she did not object, yet close enough to grab a flea, flea debris from dead fleas and fine enough to grab sand particles as well. Though the comb is not classified as a grooming implement, Josie was enjoying "the moment" as she was combed. The comb came with thorough instructions as how to use it, being it was to be held at a 90 degree angle when combing through the fur.
Our cats are indoor cats, thus, I did not have an opportunity to try the tick removal hooks. The hooks came in three sizes, small, medium and large. If I had a need to use the tools, the instructions said that the hooks were to be placed between the tick and fur. Once positioned, I was to rotate the tool around two to three times, then pull up. The idea is that the tick would pull loose from the pet. The tools had no sharp edges where it would possibly injure a pet. And the angle of the tick tools at the neck of the device was that it would be able to get under the tick without slipping from my hands.

I found the products easy to use and effective for removing fleas. I recommend this product as an alternative to using chemicals and pesticides on our furry friends.

The product itself can be found at

 Petsmum Flea and Tick Combs

and sells regularly for $24.99 but is on sale for $15.99


Can Koozie 15-Count Multi Color Party Pack by BevWorx

I love these can koozies. So many beautiful colors just waiting to be decorated or embellished, and then personalized.
The can koozies I received are in colors of winter jewel and pastel spring. Included in the mix are a pink camouflage and a earth tone camouflage. BevWorx also make can koozies in bright summer colors. Included with the koozies is a can opener.
The koozie itself is a solid piece of stretchable fabric that is heat sealed onto the koozie itself. The koozie also had strectable fabri on the inside, thus preventing any insulation from tearing apart. The design allows the koozie to lay flat when not being used. The seam itself is a generous ¼ inch, thus preventing any separation of sides.
The koozis fit a 20 plastic bottle standard glass bottle, and 12 and 16 ounce (tall) can.
O love the can koozies by BevWorx because everyone can choose the color they want, and never get confused as to whose is whose.
With the stretchable fabric outside and inside, sewing, embroidering,  hot gluing, painting and / or embellishing is super easy. The bottom also has a notch out one both sides for further decorating.

I received for a discount, a 15 pack of assorted can koozies. All opinions are mine.


The Sorcery Code

For me, bed time rituals include reading a good story. I mean, what better way to beckon sleep than with a dream that involves what most excites you. I find a most restful night’s sleep to be one of happy and exciting thoughts. These thoughts can be enlightening to give oneself encouragement and creativity for the next adventure in your life. Thus, when Tomosan approached with the opportunity to review the “Sorcery Code” by a New York Times Best Seller Dima Zales, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The Socrcery Code clearly outlines the characters and how they come to be. Magic, sorcery, and spells are intertwined with the world of mortals. Otherly realms are explored and explained as to how they become to be, and how they are used to achieve a purpose. The story is created from one main character, Blaise, who is at unrest with himself. From his unrest, he chooses to be an outcast of his own doing, believing he can make the world a better place where all can enjoy the “fruits of labor”. Along with Blaise’s determination to allow all others the benefit of a better life, is equally the determination of others to keep the select few in a life of privilege and luxury. And as Blaise, our character from the story explains…

“Our work was supposed to change society for the better, “ Blaise continued, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice. “Or at least that’s what I had hoped.” I thought an easier way to do magic would enable more people to do it, but it didn’t turn out that way. The powerful sorcerer class got even more powerful=even more adverse to sharing their knowledge with the common people.”

I enjoyed the story as that it delves into sorcery, magic and spells. Of how spells are written, cast and brought into fruition. And sometimes, even written with the best of intentions, how spells backfire and blow up in your face. I thought each character was well written and explained as to how their part plays in the story line. From this book, I gathered new knowledge of sorcery and magic.

While the story did delve and explore each character and their abilities, at times, it re-explained a fact that had been thoroughly explained before. I believe another vital character, Gala, at first was suppressed to the point of discouragement. At first, it was slow moving getting to know each character, but once the battle started, non stop action packed.

Overall, a great addition to my sci-fi fantasy collection.

Socery Code

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