College Tuitition and Grants for Individual and Communities

My family is in a financial crisis, but what family has money oozing off trees. Our son is in his third year of college, and is struggling with cost of paying for training to go with the school course curriculum. Commercial Airline Pilots must have training outside of the college curriculum that is not covered by financial aid. Thus, we have been going through oodles of paper work and applications looking for ways to pay for his flight lessons. On the page on the left side is a College Tuition tab. Please feel free to add to this page.

College is very costly, so much, that bright students are overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with tuition and the costly repayment of student loans. In my son's class, 2 bright achieving students have had to drop out from lack of funds. In researching ways to help pay for the cost for my son's education, I've come across ways I could have helped if I had known, and possible means of payment forthcoming. Any added insight and information is greatly appreciated.


529 savings plans

Federal, state, and private grants and loans and scholarships

Grants you probably never heard of ex.left hander grants

By state

mutual funds
puts a professional in charge of your savings

Grants to get your community garden growing

Any ideas and insight will be very appreciated

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