Care2 Make a Difference

Care2 is...
the largest online community of people making a difference in healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare.
Every time you click, you will earn a credit (or more) for your click. Participate, and earn more credits. They have a toolbar, e card creator, email address and storage, photo storage, etc. Many, many ways to earn credits.
A few of the ways to ern credits:

C2NN: vet the newly submitted news
earn 3 credits

C2NN: comment on the news
earn 20 credits
C2NN: vet the news
earn 2 credits
comment on a Care2 Cause article
earn 20 credits
comment on a Care2 Team article
earn 20 credits
comment on a healthy living post
earn 20 credits
comment on a poll
earn 20 credits
create a care2 account
earn 200 credits
The first step in making a difference with Care2's butterfly rewards is to create a free Care2 account. It's easy & free - join today! available once only

create a petition
earn 100 credits
post in a group
earn 5 credits

receive a signature on a petition you created
earn 2 credits

search the web
earn 10 credits

send an eCard
earn 5 credits
Brighten someone's day with one of over 25,000 eCards from Care2 and earn butterfly credits. up to 10 times a day.

send an email
earn 1 credit

sign an activist petition
earn 50 credits

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