Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello World,

My life is a crazy mixed up jumble of adventures, never knowing where the next moment of my life will bring. Sometimes it's good news like the mailman bringing me a much anticipated package,  or the voice of an unknown caller.   I've always lived my life in rebellion of what people tell me I can or can not do. My life is not defined by black and white, but rather by the colors of an rainbow. And we all know what is on the other side of a rainbow, adventure of course.

My first remembered act of rebellion was in elementary school. Who remembers being told girls had to take Home Economics and boys had to take Wood Shop?  I clearly remember that day, and so do my friends, teachers, principal and my parents. Here I was, in the fifth grade being told because I was a girl, I couldn't take wood shop class.  Personally, I enjoy a challenge, but I doubt the school knew what hit them. No, little oh me, wasn't taking this news kindly. By the end of the day, I had an talk with my class room teacher, wood shop teacher, school principal and my parents. And by the next day, I had a petition printed out, and endorsed by myself and my parents. Then,  by the end of the week, I had my petition signed by enough fifth graders that I became famous (within the fifth grade class that is).  Needless to say, my effort landed I and two others girls openings in the fifth grade wood shop class.

There have been many more adventures, soul searching and discoveries in my life. My life resembles a tumbleweed, blowing on a course of its own. At one point, this tumbleweed even planted roots. You may ask why I consider myself to be a tumbleweed. Because weeds, though by another name, are called flowers.

Thus, ever since that infamous day, I've never looked back and have enjoyed every moment of chaos and adventure life has thrown at me.

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